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Picture of Jerry Munden

Picture of Jerry Munden

My name is Jerry Munden and I have lived with Type I Diabetes since I was 16 years old, a little over 40 years. I earn a living as a Medical Sales Consultant specializing in diabetes and blindness and I live in Charlotte, NC. My experience, living with diabetes, is that I would not choose to have it, but I do, so what can I do about it?  I have endeavored to embrace diabetes with a good attitude and use it as a constant reminder/motivator to stay on target making healthy life choices.  It has actually helped me to live a fuller and healthier life than I would probably have chosen otherwise.  Diabetes is with me everyday 24/7 as a constant reminder/motivator to prompt me to make wise health choices!  I have a passion to learn all that I can about diabetes, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and help others to do likewise. With the right attitude we all can live a full, grateful, and healthy life . . . even with diabetes!

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